2016 Saddle Sponsors:

       Saddle Sponsors

              Junior Horse               Thomas & Mimsi Coon           

              Senior Horse               Ed Johnson

                                                   Sanders Yarber Excavation

               Amateur                     Pete & Karen Greig

               Select                         HAPE’

               Novice Amateur         Robert & Rachel Matthews

                                                   Janet Cook

               W.T. 5-9                      Poco Vista Performance Horses

               Youth 13 & Under      Larry & Susan Bollich

               Youth 14-18                HAPE’

               Novice Youth              Jane & Arthur Tijerina

                                                    Mike Hoeppner

                                                    Kathryn West

                                                    LeeAnn Cornelison

                Challenged Rider WT    CR Committee

                Challenged Rider ADV   CR Committee

                All Breed                    Robyn & Mike Zumar

                                                    First State Bank (Decatur, Denton, Gainesville)

                All-Breed – 2nd Saddle (to be given to non-Palomino)

                                                     Pete & Karen Greig


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